The Cookie Scoop

What's new at C-T-G?

February 2024: We've had some time to breathe and do a little research and development - the fun stuff! We now have a delicoius mocha chip biscotti and an awesome chocolate buttercream sandwich cookie on our menu.

We now offer a Because...Monday cookie variety box for local businesses. What better way to start the week than with a box of cookies? Free delivery included to any business in Camden with drop-off on Monday mornings.  Keep up to date on our Facebook page and please give us a follow & share to help spread the word! 

January 2024: Whew!  We baked over 650 cookies December. No rest for the weary, though! This is the time of year we experiment with new recipes and put the taste-testers to work. We think a biscotti selection may be a nice winter addition. Something to dip in your coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Sounds good, right? We'll let you know how it goes! Another cookie on the experiment list is browned butter bourbon pecan chocolate chunk. Big name so we'll probably make it into a big cookie. Check back here often for updates. We also update our Facebook page with any new additions to the menu.

November, 2023:

We are in the last month of our fall menu and doing lots of taste testing for our holiday menu! Chocolate and peppermint, anyone? 

Be on the look out for Black Friday specials!

October, 2023:

We've added two new cookies to our menu! 

First up are browned butter toffee chocolate chunk cookies. Big name, big flavor. When your 80-something mom who has been baking all her life says, "This is my kind of cookie!" and then reminds you that it is her kind of cookie for the next three days, we know it's a hit! We even use our own homemade toffee which knocks the flavor out of the park! They are big, heavy and heavenly cookies!

Second, we added a glazed butter cookie. Sounds boring, huh?  Far from it!  This cookie does not meet the definition of a shorbread. It also is not the type of sugar cookie most people would be familiar with. In fact, it is nothing like our Glazed Watercolor sugar cookies. We called it a butter cookie for its rich buttery taste, but the texture is firm, more crisp than chewy. We make it with just enough cardamom so it is not overwhelming but it isn't lost either. We love cardamom, but not everyone is a fan, so we can use any spice or extract you would like. Cinnamon would be delicious! We decided to emboss the cookies and add a thin glaze to it. The glaze sets and it adds a wonderful finish to the cookie.

A new month with an old friend. Returning from vacation are our ginger molasses cookies! These are our most ordered cookies over the past 3+ years. They have a soft texture loaded with layers of flavor that embrace all those warm fall spices with an emphasis on ginger and molasses, of course! 

September, 2023

Welcome to our new website! If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know! 

We are working on some special holiday cookie offerings. From new designs made with wooden stamps to new extracts that take simple flavors and elevate them to new levels. We are experimenting with warm spice combinations that include coriander and cardamom. Most exciting (we don't get out much) are the new colors we are about to try in our Glazed Watercolor sets. These are vibrant, all natural food colorings that we hope will add to the appeal of our painted cookies.